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AutoLine Products Ltd. is a remanufacturer and distributor of premium quality automotive products. All AutoLine products are precision remanufactured using original equipment castings.

Remanufacturing Checks
  • All units are ultrasonically cleaned & back flushed.
  • Units are electrical resistance tested.
  • Units are flow and calibration tested.
  • Fuel spray patterns are verified.
  • Every unit is triple leak tested.
  • New "O" rings, filters and pintle caps are installed.
Symptoms and Causes of Injector Failure
  • Check Engine Light/Misfiring engine caused by a change in the injector's flow
  • Noticeable fuel odor caused by leaky injector
  • Reduced gas mileage caused by an incorrect injector spray pattern
  • Inconsistent engine idling, hesitation or stalling caused by dirty injectors
    • Use Fuel System Cleaner to prevent carbon from building up on your fuel injectors
    • Always replace the Fuel Pump Strainer or Fuel Filter, where applicable, to prevent debris from clogging injectors
Always Replace Fuel Injectors in Sets!

If an injector is faulty on a vehicle with high mileage, the remaining injectors are likely in a similar condition, or will be in the near future. Replacing your injectors as a set ensures each cylinder is receiving the same amount of fuel, leading to better performance and improved fuel economy. Since the time required to replace a single injector is about the same as replacing all the injectors, manufacturers always recommend replacing them as a set.

Autoline Technical Support

If you are having trouble choosing the correct Autoline part, or experiencing issues during or after installation of this part, Autoline's ASE Certified Technicians are available to help answer your questions.

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Autoline Warranty & Core Return Details - Fuel Injectors
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 16-2036

Warranty Information:
24 Months
Warranty Details