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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: 16-9008}
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AUTOLINE 169008  
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AutoLine Products Ltd. is a remanufacturer and distributor of premium quality automotive products. All AutoLine products are precision remanufactured using original equipment castings.

Remanufacturing Checks
  • All units are ultrasonically cleaned & back flushed.
  • Units are electrical resistance tested.
  • Units are flow and calibration tested.
  • Fuel spray patterns are verified.
  • Every unit is triple leak tested.
  • New "O" rings, filters and pintle caps are installed.
Tip: If an injector is old or faulty on a vehicle with high mileage, the remaining injectors are likely in a similar condition. Replace all of your injectors together to ensure each cylinder is receiving the same amount of fuel, for better performance and improved fuel economy.
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Autoline Warranty & Core Return Details - Fuel Injectors

Warranty Information:
24 Months
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