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3M 16332  
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PPS™ Sealer Plugs Only, Bulk Package; 10 Sealer Plugs per bag

3M™ PPS™ Accessories help maximize efficiency of the PPS™ (Legacy) system. PPS™ Sealing Plugs fit into the PPS cup lid and help prevent fluids from leaking during the shaking process. PPS™ Shaker Cores fit tightly over the lid and distribute clamping force away from the paint cup. PPS™ Mix Ratio inserts add visible measurements to the inside of the cup, eliminating mixing cups and material waste.

  • Accessories are part of the 3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System
  • Dispensers keep lids liners organized in paint shop
  • Sealing plugs prevent fluid leakage during shaking and temporary sealing process
  • Shaker Cores allows PPS™ cups to be placed in paint shakers
  • PPS™ Mix Ratio inserts allow paint to be mixed/measured inside of PPS™ cup, eliminating mixing cups and material waste
  • Works with 3M™ PPS™ (Legacy) cups, lids and liners