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AJUSA (pronounced ahh-hoo-suh) is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality automotive gaskets/sets, head bolt sets, and hydraulic lifters. In addition to their already wide range of head gaskets for European and Asian vehicles, AJUSA also offers head gasket sets that include all the required gaskets and seals.

Features & Benefits:
  • All parts include torque sequence and spec sheet
  • MLS gaskets are coated in Viton to ensure the best possible seal by compensating for irregularities in engine block or cylinder head
  • Fiber-Max gaskets are covered in silicone for the best possible seal for cast iron engine blocks and cylinder head
  • Most Fiber-Max head gaskets incorporate one-piece fire rings
  • Parts are manufactured to OE specifications in Spain
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AJUSA Warranty Information:
24 Months/24,000 Miles