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Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium EGR pressure sensors meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace.

  • Unit is designed to OE fit, form and function requirements
  • Designed and produced under the strictest quality control process
  • All sensors undergo 100 cycles thermal shock to ensure reliability in all road conditions.
  • Fit and road tested to ensure ease of installation and real world performance.

Attention California Customers - Y

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): F2TZ9F483B, F2TZ9F483C, F2TZ9G428A, F2ZZ9G428B

SPECTRA PREMIUM Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime - Radiator Fan Motors, Radiator Fan Assemblies, Radiator Fan Blades, Emission Hoses, Mass Air Flow Sensors, Diesel Emissions Fluid Heaters, Exhaust parts, Fuel Pump Strainers, Fuel Pump Pulsators, Fuel Pump part numbers SP*, Throttle Bodies, Fuel Pump Push Rods, Fuel Pump Drive Modules, Fuel Pump Hangers, A/C Condenser Fan Assemblies, Ignition Coils, Distributors, Camshaft Position Sensors, Crankshaft Position Sensors, Camshaft Synchronizers, Camshaft Synchronizer Alignment Kits.
36 months - Oil Sump Plates, Oil Pans, Fuel Tanks.
24 months - Radiators, Inverter Coolers, Turbochargers, Fuel Tank & Pump Assemblies, A/C Condensers, Condenser / Capacitors.
4 months - A/C Receiver Drier / Accumulators, A/C Receiver Drier Desiccant Elements.
12 months - all other parts.