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DELPHI FE0351 Specifications
Average Current Draw5 68
Average Flow Rating29 GP
Fuel TypeGas
Gasket or Seal IncludedNo
In Tank or ExternalIn Tank
Inlet TypeStrainer
Maximum Pressure85 PS
Outlet Outside Diameter0.313 in
Outlet TypeHose Bead
Package ContentsElectric Fuel Pump, (2) Hose Clamps, Hose Piece, Isolator, Pall Nut, Instruction Sheet
Pump TypeElectric
Strainer IncludedNo
System Pressure44 psi
Terminal GenderMale
Terminal Quantity2
Terminal TypePin
Voltage12 2H
Wiring Harness IncludedNo

Delphi holds more than 30 OE proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design. All pumps are tested for durability up to 150,000 miles. Delphi OE engineering and testing processes enable them to create smart, durable, electric fuel pumps with features that resist failure.

The Delphi Difference

  • Designed and tested to operate even with low voltage to ensure a vehicle will start if it has a low battery
  • Rigorous OE-testing insures the pump can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -25 to 150F
  • Designed for flawless electrical installation with increased terminal size and enhanced connectors. Elimates excessive electrical resistance, improves heat dissipation, and boosts current flow capacity
  • Improved tubing design to reduce transmitted noise from the pump
  • Tested performance in corrosive, contaminated E22 and E95 fuel blends to ensure long life
  • Patented Generation IV turbine pump to deliver fast fuel pressure rise for fast engine starts

Fuel Pump-Only Replacement

Prevent Premature Fuel Pump Failure

Preventing premature fuel pump failure is far less expensive and time consuming than continuing to replace the pump. There are three common causes for premature fuel pump failure:

Poor electrical connections will mimic symptoms of a failed pump, sometimes resulting in unnecessary replacement. Before replacing the pump:
  • Use a Fuel System Tester to test pump pressure is within expected range
  • Use an Electrical Tester to test for bad wiring, burnt or corroded connectors
  • Check / Replace faulty Fuse(s) and Relay


Dirt, rust or debris in the fuel can clog strainers and stick to internal pump components. When replacing the pump:
  • Replace Fuel Filter or Fuel Strainer
  • Empty and clean the tank with Fuel Tank Cleaner
  • Fill tank with fresh, uncontaminated fuel of appropriate grade


Running low on gas causes your fuel to heat up quicker, and your pump to work harder. After replacing the pump:
  • Maintain at least 1/4 tank of fuel and use a Fuel Additive / Conditioner to keep pump cool and lubricated
  • If vehicle is stored without use, drain tank to prevent pump corrosion from fuel oxidation


Delphi Premature Pump Failure Prevention Tips

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Do I have Federal or California Emissions?

Attention California Customers - WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 17040S0XA00, 17040S0XA01, 17040S10A10, 17040S10C20, 17040S2A930, 17040S30A31, 17040S30A50, 17040S30L01, 17040SR2A31, 17040SR3A31, 17040ST7A32, 17040ST7A33, 17040SX0A30, 17040SX0A31, 17040SX0A32, 17040SZ3A50, 170422Y900, 170425M802, 170425Y700, 17042AC700, 17045S0XA02, 17045S0XA32, 17045S3VA00, 17045S9AA00, 17045S9AA30, 1770ASR0A000, 25177384, 25313268, 311100A000, 311100A000DS, 311100A600, 311101G500, 311101G500DS, 3111023300, 3111025510, 3111025510DS, 3111025700, 3111025700DS, 3111026350, 3111026355DS, 3111026750, 3111026755DS, 311102C531, 311102C631, 311102D500, 311102D500DS, 311102D501, 311102D531, 3111038000, 3111038000DS, 3111038200, 3111038200DS, 3111038250, 3111038250DS, 3111038260, 3111038260DS, 3111039100, 311103F510, 311103K600, 3111109000, 311110M000, 311111G500, 311111R500, 3111123300, 3111125000, 3111125700, 3111125750, 311112F500, 3111138000, 3111138050, 311113H000, 311113S400, 42021AE07B, 42021FE020, 42021FE090, 42021FE120, 42021SA010, 42021SA080, 42021SA090, 42022AE07B, 42022FE010, 42022FE011, 42022SA030, 4762964, 4798941, 5003860AA, 5003860AB, 5003861AA, 5003861AB, 5003869AA, 52018387, 52018390, 52018391, 8971632481, AJ5113350, AJ511335Z, FE0187, FE0196, FE0365, FE036511B1, GY0113350A, GY011335ZA

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