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GPD 1811265  
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GPD 1811265 Specifications
Connector GenderFemale
Connector ShapeRectangular
Mount TypeBolt On
Terminal GenderMale
Terminal Quantity3
Terminal TypeBlade

The fuel tank pressure sensor is part of the fuel pump assembly. It can be found on top or inside the fuel tank, depending on the application. The fuel tank pressure sensor is responsible for measuring the pressure within the fuel tank and alerts the ECU if there is a leak in the fuel system.

Features & Benefits
  • Developed in partnership with leading sensor manufacturers to meet/exceed OE fit, form, and function
  • 100% Tested for durability and performance
Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor vs. Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor

The Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor and Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor are two different sensors that serve two serparate systems on the vehicle.

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Often part of the Fuel Pump & Housing Assembly, located on top or inside of the fuel tank.
  • Reads and reports vapor pressure in the fuel system to detect EVAP leaks and illuminate the Check Engine Light
  • Code P0452 or P0453 indicate sensor failure
  • Code P0442, P0455 or P0456 indicate EVAP leak detected from sensor
Often mounted directly into the Fuel Rail under the hood, or a fuel line very close to the fuel rail.
  • Reads and reports liquid fuel pressure entering the engine via the Fuel Rail
  • Controls the fuel pump output and fuel injector open time / pulse width
  • Code P0087, P0455 or P0088, P0191 or P0192 indicate sensor failure
Additional Resources

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Warranty Information:
12 Months