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Most Timken seals have the following properties:
  • Machined rubber sealing edge provides greater accuracy and consistency, as well as a better sealing surface.
  • A flanged design allows for easier and proper installation and helps avoid cocking.
  • A latex bore coat seals the outer diameter leak path and helps compensate for minor bore imperfections.
  • An extra dust lip helps keep harmful contaminants, such as dirt, out of the bearing and protects against rust and corrosion.
Shaft Size3.346"
Housing Bore4.134"
Outside Diameter0.394"
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 026103051A, 056103051D, 068103051G, 068103051L, 068911311G, 12570495, 26103051A, 2716801, 7700695940, 88969522, 9008031021, 9031185003, 9031185004, 9031185010, 9031185106, 9031186006, 99610113162

TIMKEN Warranty Information:
12 Months