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DAYCO DP1328  
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DAYCO DP1328 Specifications
Additional ComponentsGasket-1, Bolt-4
Back Housing IncludedNo
Drive TypeV-Belt
Fan Clutch IncludedNo
Housing MaterialAluminum
Hub Hole Quantity4
Impeller RotationStandard
Impeller Vane Quantity8
Mounting Hardware IncludedNo
Mounting Hole Quantity5
Pulley IncludedNo
Thermostat & Housing IncludedNo
Featuring upgraded materials for the bearing, impeller and gasket, Dayco water pumps deliver exceptionally reliable performance for over 200 million vehicles in operation (VIO), from vintage to the most recent models. Dayco ensures that high standards are met for every part supplied. From raw materials through the finished product, every aspect is validated for quality assurance.

Features & Benefits:
  • TS16949 Quality Standard throughout die casting, foundry, machining and assembly
  • Case-hardened roller bearing with a tough exterior and an interior that allows for flex without breaking
  • Single-piece, forged-steel pulley with no welds that can be weak spots
  • Improved impeller designs for better performance and premium materials for better durability and longer life
  • Low friction seals for better durability and leak protection
  • 100% end-of-line leak tested
Every belt driven water pump has a weep hole that might leak a little in the beginning. Some seepage from the weep hole is normal during the break-in period (about 10 minutes), and does not indicate a defect.
Free Extended Warranty

When you purchase a Dayco Water Pump and register your purchase online, your pump will be covered for 125,000 miles / 201,000 kilometers. This extended warranty is contingent upon installation according to the OEM service instructions, including flushing the cooling system and installing new coolant that meets OEM specifications.

Extended Warranty
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leading 125,000 mile warranty

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125,000 MILE
Cooling System Maintenance | Tips & Tools

Without regular maintenance, cooling system components will degrade and fail prematurely, which can lead to costly engine damage. Protect your engine with simple preventative maintenance:

  • Completely drain and flush the system using Cooling System Flush prior to installation. Flushing the system is critical to prevent system contamination and failure.
  • Consider replacing the Radiator Hoses (and Hose Clamps), Thermostat and Radiator Cap as part of routine preventative maintenance. System contamination can cause these parts to degrade and fail over time, which can lead to severe engine damage from overheating.
  • Refill radiator with fresh Coolant / Antifreeze according to the volume and formula specified in your Owner's Manual. Inspect levels and condition every year.

Closeout Inventory Warranty Information:
Wholesaler Closeout items have a 30 day warranty (but still are covered by our Return Policy).

Regular Inventory Warranty Information:
12 Months/12,000 Miles