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ATF6; 1 Liter
Pentosin ATF 6 has been specially developed with reduced viscosity to optimize the performance of specified 6-speed ZF automatic transmissions. Due to the individual design and technical requirements each transmission needs to achieve, it is essential the correct ATF is specified in order to ensure the transmission performs to its potential, providing efficient and reliable operation throughout its lifetime. Pentosin ATF 6 has been developed to deliver good friction control, excellent durability and oxidation control which delivers long oil life with proven performance.

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How and Why to Change Your Transmission Fluid & Filter

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 0004320700, 0019892203, 0023219016, 00289ATFWS, 05127382AA, 05127382AB, 0888602305, 19250639, 19256039, 31256774, 31256775, 83220142516, 83220144137, 83222220442, 83222220445, 83222305396, 83222344206, 88863400, 888681210, 93165147, 95830054000, 99991754700, ESSOLT71141, G052162A2, G052990A2, G055005A1, G055005A2, G055005A6, G055540A2, GUS0001621G, GUS0001621Q, JLM20238, JLM20577, LR022460, PL21493PA, PL31493PA, XT6QSP, Z000169756

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