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  • All AutoLine Distributors are precision remanufactured using original equipment castings. All castings are completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using industrial compounds and equipment.
  • All components such as gears, breaker plates and shafts are cleaned and inspected prior to our assembly process. Drive gear’s, couplers and fasteners are graphite finished. Breaker plates are disassembled and all worn components are replaced.
  • Housings are sandblasted to restore factory finish and shaft assemblies are cleaned and polished. Housings are inspected to ensure mounting flanges, cap locators and threads are acceptable. Shafts that are damaged are spray welded and machined or discarded. Advance weights, pins and springs are inspected and replaced if worn.
  • Vacuum advance assemblies are disassembled, re-plated and have new diaphragms installed. Advance specifications are identified during this process.
  • New bushings are aligned and installed in housings prior to shaft installation.
  • Modules and wiring harnesses are supplied with most electronic application’s, and points and condensers are included with all standard ignition applications. All modules are stress tested prior to installation.
  • All distributors are completely bench tested after assembly, throughout all R.P.M. ranges. Mechanical, vacuum and electronic advance curves are checked during testing. Dwell settings are performed on point type applications.
  • Distributors are supplied with new caps and rotors, when needed, as well as installation instructions and technical bulletins, where applicable.
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Autoline Warranty & Core Return Details - Distributors
Autoline Technical Support

If you are having trouble choosing the correct AutoLine part, or experiencing issues during or after installation of this part, AutoLine's ASE Certified Technicians are available to help answer your questions.

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OEM / Interchange Numbers: J5453833

AUTOLINE Warranty Information:
Throttle Bodies & Distributors 12 months. Fuel Injectors & Diesel Products 24 months. Carburetors 90 days.
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