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BBFH; Reman
  • All base, body and air horns are stamped prior to disassembly to ensure units are reassembled with the proper “companion” parts. Internal parts such as jets and metering rods are identified, to ensure they remain with the original castings, where variations may have occurred at the manufacturing level. This process ensures that original flow characteristics are maintained.
  • After disassembly all parts are inspected and cleaned in industrial equipment. Internal parts such as gaskets, needle and seats and plunger cups are discarded. All white metal castings are chemically processed to restore the factory finish. All aluminium castings are sandblasted or tumbler processed to restore the finish. Bases are surfaced to ensure proper mating with the body assembly and the manifold. Mounting holes are refaced to assure proper torque of mounting fasteners.
  • During our sub-assembly process all threads, inlets and vacuum pipes are inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary. Throttle and choke plates are inspected and replaced if not serviceable. Throttle bushings are installed wherever throttle shaft play is not within tolerances. Completed base assemblies are checked for vacuum integrity. Any base that does not meet our specifications must be repaired prior to use.
  • Throughout our assembly process all body and calibration components are reassembled to the original unit to maintain product calibration. All assembly components are tested prior to product assembly.
  • Completed product is flow tested throughout all ranges of operation to ensure proper calibration. Choke adjustment, idle speed and air-screw settings are made during product testing. This process allows the technician to start the vehicle upon product installation. Final adjustments may be necessary due to varied engine condition.
  • All AutoLine Carburetors are heat shrink packaged with installation instructions, mounting gaskets and specific technical bulletins.

Important Install Notice: A condition may exist of liquid fuel entering to Vapor canister caused by over filling the fuel tank. Under such conditions, this fuel enters the carburetor and causes a hard start and to run rich. To confirm this condition, temporarily disconnect the vapor canister hose from the carburetor. If the same condition reoccurs after reconnecting this hose to the carburetor:

  1. Drain some fuel from the tank.
  2. Purge the Vapor canister and its charcoal filters. Chrysler recommends avoiding over filling the fuel tank. The fuel tank is designed full level at the second automatic shut off of the refueling nozzle.
Carburetor Model-Number Identification
Autoline Warranty & Core Return Details - Carburetors
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 3235DIDEF404, 3235DIDEF410, 3235DIDEF429, 3235DIDEF431, MS2

AUTOLINE Warranty Information:
Throttle Bodies & Distributors 12 months. Fuel Injectors & Diesel Products 24 months. Carburetors 90 days.
Warranty Details