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Brake Pads are sold as a set. Quantity of one (1) is for both wheels
Ultimate Duty
DFC Ultimate Duty Performance Brake Pads deliver exceptional braking performance in any condition. These pads are exclusively engineered and formulated to withstand extreme heat, heavy-duty operation, frequent stopping, off-roading, or towing. Designed for the Ultimate Trucks and SUVs with larger wheels or tires, and modified suspension.

Features & Benefits:
  • Great performance for off-roading and towing
  • Extremely high torque with aggressive initial bite
  • High resistance to brake fade at high operating temperature ranges
  • Offers high friction coefficient and low compressibility
  • Delivers unmatched braking performance, pedal response, and superb brake control
  • Excellent friction stability and consistency
  • Outstanding modulation, threshold control and release characteristics
Installation Tips
  • Suspend the caliper from the suspension using a Caliper Hanger to prevent damage to the brake hose
  • Apply Brake Lube to caliper pins, clips, the edges of the brake pad mounting tabs, and the back side of the brake pads to ensure noise free braking. DO NOT apply lube to the friction side of the brake pads
  • Use a Caliper Piston Compressor to retract the caliper piston(s) and make room for the new, thicker brake pads
  • Open the master cylinder reservoir during piston compression to prevent pressure buildup. Keep an eye on the Brake Fluid level to ensure it does not overflow
  • After the job is complete, pump the brake pedal several times to push the caliper piston back up against the pads to ensure proper brake function
Quantity Components that come in this kit
1 Brake Pad
DYNAMIC FRICTION Ultimate Duty Performance Info
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1 Disc Brake Hardware Kit
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Attention California Customers - This product contains Antimony Oxide and other chemicals which is known in the State of California to cause cancer ( or reproductive problems).

DYNAMIC FRICTION Warranty Information:
12 months/12,000 miles