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Lesjöfors has manufactured springs for over 160 years and now produces the world's largest range of coil springs for the automotive aftermarket.

  • Superior-grade spring steel and load testing of every batch to ensure high quality standards
  • Advanced zinc phosphate and epoxy powder paint surface treatment provide longer life by minimizing corrosion
A Lesjöfors spring may be shorter than the OE

Some original springs are manufactured using tapered spring wire - where the thickness of the steel reduces towards the end of the spring. This generally produces a weight savings but also increases the risk of premature spring failure.

To reduce the risk of premature failure, Lesjöfors springs are made from parallel spring wire, where the steel has a consistent thickness (diameter). To compensate, a Lesjöfors spring may need to be slightly shorter than a tapered wire OE. It is designed to fit the application and once fitted, will provide the correct spring rate, and ensure the vehicle sits at the correct ride height.

OEM / Interchange Numbers: 3982354, 3988113, 404435, 9788505

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