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Valeo Alternators provide continual charge to the battery while the engine is running. Each Valeo unit is 100% new (not remanufactured). Valeo`s alternators are designed to reduce emissions (CO2 and particles) and reduce fuel consumption. Valeo offers a direct replacement with the same high quality product they supply to major vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Features & Benefits:
  • All components are 100% new (not remanufactured)
  • Direct replacement ensuring a perfect fit and installation
  • Engineered to operate in all weather conditions for uncompromised performance
  • High resistance to heat, vibration and dust producing maximum charge output
  • High output to weight ratio for increased durability
Not Sure Your Alternator is the Problem?

When the battery goes dead, the condition of the battery and the alternator are two of the first things to check. However, do not assume that if the battery is good then the alternator must be bad and the cause of the problem.

Read These Electrical Troubleshooting Tips First!
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 3002G061, 373002G061

Warranty Information:
12 Months / 12,000 Miles
Warranty Details