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BH SENS RDE228V21 Specifications
Frequency MHz315 Mhz
Sensor TypeOE Equivalent Sensor
Valve Length43 mm
Valve TypeMetal Valve
OE Quality; 315MHz; Programmed
No programming required before installation - follow OE relearn procedure after installation.

The BH SENS Group is one of the pioneers in the development of modern direct measuring Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for well-known car manufacturers and is one of the world's largest providers of TPMS solutions. BH SENS provides the market with original replacement sensors in OE quality for all systems supplied to vehicle manufacturers. Their replacement tire pressure sensors can be installed directly without programming. To relearn the tire pressure sensors, simply follow the relearn instructions from the vehicle manufacturer.

Features & Benefits:
  • OE Equivalent Direct-Fit TPMS Sensor with Metal valve (clamp-in)
  • Equivalent in function, fit and quality to the OE sensor
  • No programming required. Quick installation with only a relearn process needed
  • Just install sensor and relearn the vehicle
  • WAL technology for locating tire position
  • Flexible valve angle 0 to 36 degrees

Metal Valve (Clamp-In) style TPMS Sensors have higher speed ratings (typically up to 155 mph) than Rubber Valve (Snap-In) styles (typically up to 115 mph).

Metal (Clamp-In) Installation: The valve piece is attached to the sensor body, and the valve core is secured with a nut and rubber grommet.

Program vs. Clone vs. Relearn

Don't confuse TPMS Sensor Relearning, Programming and Cloning! Some processes require a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Programming Tool to complete, but not all processes are required (or available) for every application.

Required only for Universal (Programmable) Sensors, in addition to TPMS Sensor Relearning. A TPMS Tool is required to:
  • Program the specific Year/Make/Model protocol for the vehicle into the sensor
  • Create or Clone a sensor ID onto the sensor


Ideal for drivers who frequently swap wheels/tires, such as during the winter season. A relearn procedure is not required when sensors are cloned. A TPMS Tool is required to:
  • Copy/Clone the unique ID from the original TPMS Sensor to the replacement sensor


Required when a new (not cloned) sensor ID is introduced or when the tires are rotated. A TPMS Tool may be required to:
  • Write the unique sensor IDs to the vehicle's computer
  • Assign the IDs to the correct wheel position (for vehicles that display pressure by location)


Attention EU customers: TPMS Sensors transmit at 433 MHz in the European Union - this sensor transmits at 315 MHz and will not work on vehicles operating within the EU. Select a '433 MHz' replacement under your vehicle, or check for universal replacements under Tools & Universal Parts > Wheel > Tire > Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensor.
Attention California Customers - WARNING: This product can expose you to 1,3-butadience, a chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm -

BH SENS Warranty Information:
36 Months