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FOUR SEASONS 69015 Specifications
Case Included?Not Included
Description1.5CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump
Refrigerant TypeR1234yf
StyleTwo Stage
TypeVacuum Pump
1.5 CFM; Two Stage

System evacuation is necessary to remove all air and moisture from the A/C system, which creates both immediate and long-term effects in the system. In the short term, moisture can start a freeze/thaw cycle at the expansion device, causing erratic performance. In the long term, moisture holds dissolved oxygen, which can lead to corrosion. Use Four Seasons' A/C Vacuum Pump to properly evacuate the system.

Features & Benefits

  • 6 CFM Flow Rate for fast evacuation
  • Two Stage Pump for a deep vacuum level and quiet operation
  • Vacuum rating as low as 50 microns
  • Air-cooled motor designed for operation in high ambient temperatures
Evacuation Tips
  • Single evaporator systems should be evacuated for at least 45 minutes to remove all residual oxygen. Dual evaporator systems should be evacuated for at least 90 minutes.
  • Warm A/C components dramatically accelerate both refrigerant recovery and system evacuation. Run the engine with the hood lowered with the heater on max recirculate with the blower motor on high to warm the evaporator. If the system has a clutchless compressor, be sure to have refrigerant or oil before running the engine.
  • Maintain evacuation equipment by changing the vacuum pump oil at the manufacturer's recommended intervals and making sure the service hose quick-disconnect couplings are working properly as they undergo a lot of wear and tear during normal operation.

Warranty Information:
12 Months