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PHILIPS H11 Specifications
Amperage Rating2.0/.92
Bulb ColorWhite
Bulb FinishClear
Bulb MaterialPlastic
Bulb TechnologyLED
Filament Quantity0
Filament TypeLED
Ultinon Essential LED
  • Color temperature up to 6500K for a brilliant white beam and better contrast for safer driving
  • Compact one-piece design and direct replacement fit, make them easy to install
  • Built-in fan and aluminum heatsink with anonizing coating disperses heat more effectively and efficiently, so they can perform at their highest level of brightness for a longer period of time
  • Stylish, high-tech look
*For fog lamp use only

Installation Tip: Vehicles equipped with Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) may also need a CANBus LED Bulb Load Equalizer, to prevent LED flashing/flickering and dashboard warning lights. The quick PMW voltage pulses aren't noticeable with halogen lamps, however, the pulses are enough to turn the LEDs off and on very quickly. Installing the LED Bulb Load Equalizer is simple.

Installation Information

Ultinon Essential LED Information

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 000000001606, 000011H11, 0947112188000, 0947112210, 0947112210000, 1864955009S, 1S7A13009BA, 1S7Z13466BA, 1S7Z13466DA, 2627100QAA, 262923820R, 262965Z000, 262968990A, 262968990D, 262968990E, 2629689946, 2629689947, 262968994C, 262969B92A, 262969B92B, 2929689947, 2C5Z13N021AA, 31213995, 33165S5A003, 33165SAA003, 33165SSA003, 33165STKA01, 3500578J00, 3591182Z42, 5104682AA, 63217160784, 68012135AA, 68124430AA, 68129022AA, 68317667AA, 7701049263, 7B0941101, 84902YA000, 84920YA000, 90118WB778, 907037550, 9098113075, 9098113081, 9098113082, 9098113085, 90981AD001, 90981AD006, 90981AD011, 92095787, 94920YA000, 989838, 99963114491, AE9Z13N021A, B629689947, BE8Z13N021A, BM5Z13N021B, C2S42389, CJ5Z13N021A, E9SZ13N021B, L0000H11, LR000704, LR005383, LR066966, M1S7A13009BA, MS820090, MS820976, N000000001606, N000000008143, N10529701, SU00302571, XR86880, XZQ000110

PHILIPS Warranty Information:
Ultinon LEDs: 8 years; Vision LEDs: 12 years; Non-LEDs: No Warranty; Register your LED product on Philips' website (click "Warranty Details") within 30 days of purchase to benefit from the limited warranty. Registered Philips LED bulbs that fail as a result of a product defect in non-commercial applications during the warranty period are covered by the Philips limited warranty.
Warranty Details