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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: AS801Y-6}
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PRESTONE AS801Y Specifications
Container TypePlastic Bottle
Flash PointAbove 101.7 CE
Flash PointAbove 215 FA
Minimum Dry Boiling Point258 CE
Minimum Dry Boiling Point496 FA
Minimum Wet Boiling Point325 FA
Polyglycol Ether BasedYes
TypeDOT 4
Volume32 oz
Volume.946 LT
Hi-Temp Synthetic DOT 4 Brake Fluid; 32 Oz.
Prestone DOT 4 Brake Fluid delivers enhanced performance vs. DOT standards, benefitting all vehicles calling for DOT 4. This synthetic fluid starts with a higher dry boiling point than the DOT minimum standard to protect against overheating, brake fade and performance decline due to water absorption.

  • 50,000-mile extended life fluid, formulated to prevent corrosion of all metals within the braking system
  • High-performance formula for extreme braking, providing a higher margin of safety because of its high-temperature synthetic extended life formula
  • Prevents overheating, brake fading and exceeds DOT 4 standard requirements
  • Protects against performance decline due to water absorption. Prevents corrosion of all metals within the braking system

Brake Fluid Comparison Chart

Fluid Type Compatible With Quality Chemical Composition Minimum Dry Boiling Point Minimum Wet Boiling Point
DOT 3 Brake Systems Good Glycol Ether 401F 284F
DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake Systems Better Glycol Ether, Borate Ester 446F 311F
DOT 5.1
DOT 3, DOT 4 & DOT 5.1 Brake Systems Best Glycol Ether, Borate Ester 518F 374F
DOT 5 Brake Systems ONLY Specialty Silicone 500F 356F

How do I know if my brake fluid needs to be changed?

Brake fluid absorbs moisture. Water in brake fluid can boil during repeated or extended braking, creating air bubbles which reduce braking effectiveness. Water also can corrode metal brake lines. Change your brake fluid when:
  • A Brake Fluid Tester shows excess moisture
  • Fluid is dirty or rust-colored (it should be clear or translucent)
  • Brake pedal feels mushy or requires a lot of pressure (possible air bubbles)
  • You've reached the miles or years your owner's manual recommends for fluid changes


The Different Types of Brake Fluid

Not returnable once opened.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)