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Designed for quiet performance, constructed for high efficiency and built with track-to-street technology.

Elite® belts deliver:

  • Quiet Channel Technology™: A unique staggered "Helicog" profile with advanced EPDM rubber compounds virtually eliminate chirps, squeaks and squeals associated with pulley misalignment.
  • Greater wear resistance: High-strength tension members are specially treated to maintain tension, resulting in controlled elongation.
  • Exceptional belt life: Elite® is more flexible and runs cooler, resulting in a belt that lasts considerably longer than comparable belts.
Continental Brands:

Belt Top Width (in)0.545
Belt Top Width (mm)13.843
Belt Effective Length (IN)34.200
Belt Effective Length (MM)868.680
Number of Ribs4
Belt TypePoly-V Belt
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 04668380AA, 04668380AC, 04668380AD, 11287546164, 1172059S, 11720B4800, 11720V3701, 11720V7300, 12553260, 1522732, 1522733, 25040343, 2521223000, 2521224320, 2521224350, 2570876, 28785, 28786, 342K4, 342K4MK, 343K4, 345K4, 38920P75A010, 38920PM30030, 38920PM30031, 38920PM30032, 38920PM5A110, 38920PO80030, 4298083, 4612229, 4612229C, 4668380AA, 4668380AC, 4668380AD, 4668380AE, 4668380AF, 4K343, 4PK870, 4PK875, 4PVK0870, 4PVK0875, 5040343, 5040343DR, 9008091093, 90080910930, 900809109300, 9008091093A, 9008293002, 9091602268, 9091602269, 9091602365, 9091602386, 909162268, 909162269, 909162365, 909162386, 9936420870, 993642087078, 9936420910, 9936430080, 9936450870, 9936450880, 99919218750, B36615908, B3C718381, B3C718381B, B61212909A, B63015907, B63015907A, D11026947, E7GZ8620A, F4BZ8620A, F80815381, JK4342, JK4352, K040343, K3454, PK040343

CONTINENTAL Warranty Information:
12 months