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Gatorback™ Timing Belts
  • Precision Molded Teeth: Synthetic polymers provide the height strength, shear resistance and environmental resistance needed to assure long dependable life.
  • Tooth Facing Fabric: The sprocket side of the timing belt has specially woven fabric that has been chemically treated to reduce friction and provide outstanding resistance to abrasion and heat.
  • Tensil Cord: Cord is dimensionally stable treated fiberglass, that resists shrinking and elongation.
  • Oil Resistant Backing: Polymers provide exceptional heat, abrasion and ozone resistance to protect the timing belt throughout desired service life.
It is recommended that all timing-related components be replaced at the same time (the life-span of your new Timing belt can also be reduced by as much as 50% if the components aren't replaced).

Why You Should Never Put Off Timing Belt Replacement:

CONTINENTAL Warranty Information:
12 Months