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FVP 11600  
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FVP 11600 Specifications
Plug Clock Rear View Main Mounting Ear at 6 O Clock1:00
Pulley Groove Quantity6
Regulator TypeInternal
Rotation DirectionClockwise
Voltage12.0 Volt
Features & Benefits:
  • 100% Remanufactured, not just rebuilt
  • New bearings and brushes
  • High capacity diodes
  • Precision polished slip rings
  • Three phase testing to ensure reliability
Not Sure Your Alternator is the Problem?

When the battery goes dead, the condition of the battery and the alternator are two of the first things to check. However, do not assume that if the battery is good then the alternator must be bad and the cause of the problem.

Read These Electrical Troubleshooting Tips First!

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime