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Bosal brings a wealth of OE experience to their aftermarket catalytic converters by utilizing many OE components and processes in their aftermarket manufacturing. That's the advantage to being an OE supplier. This synergy, along with massive loadings of precious metals to overcompensate for the high demands of high mileage vehicles, allows Bosal to create a superior catalytic converter versus the normal aftermarket product. This is why their converters have the reputation of solving the problem the first time.

Precious Metal Loading - Bosal uses on average 60% more precious metals than aftermarket competitors

Spun Technology - Old style clamshell converters present opportunity for small leaks to negatively affect fuel trim. OE technology requires a spun design with no opportunity for leaks.

Washcoat Technology - Bosal uses OE washcoat technology, which results in thicker, more even coatings. This allows precious metals to be dispersed more evenly across the catalyst

OE Specified Matting - Bosal uses OE matting measured for the specific converter shell, which provides superior stability and prevents emissions from seeping around the catalyst and not being "converted"

Which converter is legal for my state?

BOSAL Warranty Information:
2 years (non VFM* parts, non catalytic converter, non lifetime). VFM line parts (such as the VFM-1337) are warranted for 1 year. Outer shell of the converter rust /construction 5 years/50k miles. Catalyst substrate from manufacturers defects 25k miles.