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WAI Global's Wiper Motors are tested on the block to be application specific to your vehicle. WAI only consolidates applications when the OE does. This means that your WAI Global Wiper Motor is make, model, and year specific to your ignition system for the best OE performance that you expect.

  • All components are new to ensure a long service life
  • New magnets deliver the torque needed to withstand extreme weather conditions and compensate for worn components in the wiper system
  • Each motor is assembled with the precise amount of lubricant for quiet operation and long life
  • Gears are made from composite materials that resist stripping and last longer
  • Motors are supplied with electronic pulse boards (where required) designed w/ superior components using lasting manufacturing processes.
  • Unsurpassed reliability, durability and resistance to vibration and thermal shock

Wiper Motor Diagnosis

If your windshield wipers are not operating, this can be caused by a variety of different parts on the vehicle and mis-diagnosis is common. Read these troubleshooting tips first:

  1. With the car off, try to manually move your wiper blades back and forth.
  2. If you can move your wiper blades, that may signify a mechanical problem. Inspect your wiper linkage to see if it has separated the wipers from the motor. (To find a replacement Wiper Linkage, click on "Wiper Linkage/Transmission" under the "Wiper & Washer" category.)
  3. If you cannot move your wiper blades, disconnect your wiper motor and turn your ignition and wipers on.
  4. Test the connector's terminals with an Electrical Tester to see if the motor is receiving power.
  5. If the wiper motor is receiving power but not functioning, it is likely a faulty wiper motor.
  6. If your motor is not receiving power, you will want to check for blown fuses, bad relays, or broken wires to fix the connectivity issue.

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime