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WJB / INMOTION PARTS WS99166 Specifications
Flange Diameter2.087in
Installation Depth0.827in
Shaft Diameter1.653in
Shaft Diameter Maximum1.654in
Shaft Diameter Minimum1.647in
Width On Shaft0.445in
  • Efficient Seal Restoration: Repair sleeves are designed to efficiently restore damaged shafts or surfaces, providing a reliable solution for sealing issues. They can effectively repair grooves, scratches, or other imperfections, restoring the sealing integrity of the component
  • Cost-Effective Repair Solution: Repair sleeves offer a cost-effective alternative to replacing an entire component. Instead of investing in a new shaft or part, a repair sleeve allows for the restoration of the existing component, saving on both material costs and labor
  • Easy Installation Process: Repair sleeves are typically designed for easy installation. The process often involves sliding the sleeve over the damaged area and securing it in place, minimizing downtime during repairs and simplifying the overall maintenance process
  • Enhanced Component Longevity: By providing a durable and protective layer, repair sleeves contribute to the extended longevity of components. They act as a barrier against further damage, preventing the need for frequent replacements and reducing overall maintenance costs
  • Versatile Compatibility: Repair sleeves are engineered to be compatible with various shaft sizes and materials. This versatility makes them a suitable solution for a wide range of applications across different industries, offering flexibility in addressing shaft damage and wear

WJB / INMOTION PARTS Warranty Information:
12 Months