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StrongArm has been recognized as the leading choice of professional installers and DIY users.


  • Cylinder-Heavy gauge steel body, painted and cured to a glossy finish.
  • Piston Rod-Black Nitride coated for superior corrosion resistance and long life.
  • Piston Assembly-Self-cleaning design automatically opens during each stroke to keep the piston area free of contaminants.
  • Sealing System-This is the area where most manufacturers differ in their approach. StrongArm uses a patented Triple-Lobe Rubber Seal, as well as a Rubber O-Ring Piston Seal.
  • Seal Backup System-Teflon ring, functions as a backup to the seal system, unique to StrongArm. Prevents seal wear.
  • Nitrogen Gas Charge-Gas springs are charged with nitrogen up to 2500 psi. Nitrogen does not react with any of the internal components and is not flammable.
  • Glycol Fluid-Lubricant for internal components. Also provides dampening to slow down movement of liftgate just prior to full open. This is a high viscosity index synthetic oil with a pour point of -70°F.
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STRONGARM Warranty Information:
12 months
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