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Includes Master Cylinder

Prior Automotive Products is an industry leader in business for over fifty years engaged in the remanufacturing of Power Brake Boosters. Prior Automotive Products, with manufacturing locations in Dallas, Texas, was founded in 1951 by Fred Prior, one of the pioneers of the auto parts industry. Power Brake Boosters are produced in our modern Dallas facility situated on several acres of land.


  • All units assembled with only premium quality US made rubber seals and diaphragms.
  • Every casting precision machined to pass 100,000 stroke life cycle test.
  • 100% of all units factory tested for quality assurance.

Symptoms of a Failing Power Brake Booster:

  • Hard brake pedal that is extremely hard to push
  • Longer stopping distance
  • Engine stalls when brakes are applied

Prior to replacing your Power Brake Booster:

  • Ensure the Vacuum Hose is properly connected and not loose
  • Check the Vacuum Hose for a blockage or leak
  • Inspect the Check Valve for cracks, looseness or damage

Testing your Power Brake Booster:

  • With the engine off, pump the brakes 5-6 times
  • Turn the engine on while pushing down lightly on the brake pedal
  • If your brake booster is working, the pedal will sink down about
  • If your brake booster is not working, nothing will happen or the brake pedal will push back against your foot

PRIOR Warranty Information:
12 months/15,000 miles