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HAYDEN 3263 Specifications
Bolt Quantity4
Bolt ThreadM6 x 1.0 Hole
Clutch Maximum Diameter (IN)7.73
Clutch TypeD - Severe Duty & Truck Fan Drive
ColorRaw Aluminum in Color
DescriptionFan Clutches
Distance From Clutch To Mounting Flange (IN)2.62
Drawing TypeD
Duty RatingElectro-Viscous
Electronic Clutch?Electronic
Fan Bolt Circle (IN)7.01
Fan Bolt Circle (MM)178
Fan Mount Dia. (IN)6.45
Fan Mount Height (MM)66.5
Meets / Exceeds OEM?Yes
Mount Dia. (IN)1.44 (36mm) HEX
Mount Dia. (MM)36 HEX
Mounting Hardware?Not Included
Mounting Hole Quantity4
Mounting TypeHex
New or RemanNew
O.E. Replacement?Yes
Overall Dia. (MM)196.3
Overall Height (IN)3.58
Overall Height (MM)90.9
Performance Rated?Yes
Pilot Depth (IN)0.7
Pilot Dia. (IN)M30x1.500
StyleSevere Duty
Wire GuageUses Original Equipment Connector
Wire QuantityUses Original Equipment Connector
Electronic - Viscous EV Fan Clutch Operation

The ECM/PCM signal controls the level of engagement of the EV clutch. An internal solenoid opens a spring loaded valve which allows silicone drive fluid to flow from the storage reservoir to the working area of the unit engaging the clutch. This engagement process is ultimately controlled through the ECM/PCM by the following input variables: Coolant Temperature, Intake Manifold Temperature, Transmission Oil Temperature, A/C Pressure and Engine Oil Temperature. These variables are manufacturer specific and fan speed is dictated based on the level of cooling required. Please consult the Original Equipment specifications to determine which set of variables apply to your vehicle.


During engine start up, the EV fan clutch will engage and match engine speed for up to 3 minutes. This is considered normal and may last more than 3 minutes in cooler climates or at lower driving speeds resulting in fan roar. This condition will cease shortly upon disengagement. Additionally, you may hear an audible "clicking" sound when the vehicle is stationary. These conditions are normal and should cease once the fan clutch disengages.

Installation & Diagnosis Notes

  • Do NOT replace EV fan clutch unless a specific issue is identified by proper SI (Service Indicator / Check Engine) diagnosis.
  • Do NOT replace an EV fan clutch for fan noise.
  • Do NOT replace an EV fan clutch unless a specific condition related to the EV fan clutch is identified using SI diagnostics. If the EV fan clutch has a condition that warrants replacement, a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) should set and/or SI diagnostics should lead to the replacement of the fan clutch.
  • Do not attempt to replace EV Fan Clutch without proper tools. Please refer to manufacturer requirements for proper tools and replacement.

Q: Which Rotation Water Pump Do You Have: Standard or Reverse?
A: Look at Your Pulley to Find out!
Reverse Rotation Pumps have a Smooth Pulley, which runs on the back side of the belt. Standard Rotation Pumps have a Grooved Pulley, which runs on the inside of the drive belt.
During initial engine start up, the electronic fan clutch may produce a loud fan roar or an audible click for up to 3 minutes - this is normal. The noise will cease shortly after disengagement.
Additional Resources

Fan Clutch Operation & Troubleshooting Guide
Installation Instructions
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 6L2Z8A616BA, 7L2Z8A616A

Warranty Information:
12 Months / 12,000 Miles
Warranty Details