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HAYDEN 2710 Specifications
Bolt Quantity4
Bolt Thread5/16-18 Hole
Clutch Maximum Diameter (IN)7.2
Clutch TypeB - Non-Thermal & Std Thermal
ColorRaw Aluminum in Color
DescriptionFan Clutches
Distance From Clutch To Mounting Flange (IN)1.75
Drawing TypeB
Duty RatingStandard
Electronic Clutch?Non Electronic
Fan Bolt Circle (IN)3
Fan Bolt Circle (MM)76.2
Fan Mount Dia. (IN)2.37
Fan Mount Dia. (MM)60.2
Meets / Exceeds OEM?Yes
Mount Dia. (IN)2.33
Mount Dia. (MM)59
Mounting Hardware?Not Included
Mounting Hole Quantity4
Mounting TypeFlange
New or RemanNew
O.E. Replacement?Yes
Overall Height (IN)3.3
Performance Rated?Yes
Pilot Depth (IN)0.75
Pilot Dia. (IN).63 to .75
Thermal; Standard Duty

Hayden makes four different types of thermal fan clutches; Standard, Heavy Duty, Severe Duty and Truck Fan Drives. Each type is engineered to simulate the performance, fit and appearance of the original equipment clutch that it replaces. All fan clutches are for specific applications and should only be applied for which they are cataloged. Use of the wrong fan clutch may result in poor cooling, excess noise, reduced mileage, or fan clutch failure.

Features & Benefits of Standard Thermal Fan Clutch

  • Varies the fan speed with temperature of the air behind the radiator.
  • Engaged (high speed) operation provides maximum cooling.
  • Disengaged (low speed) operation provides fuel savings and noise reduction.
  • Greater life expectancy than a non-thermal clutch.
  • Briefly engaged at cold start-up.
  • Engages at about 170° radiator air temperature, (about 30° lower than coolant temperature).
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Attention California Customers - Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1482704, 19189679, 3814560, 3916139, 3916141, 3927103, 89000128, AU2Z8A616A, B9MY8A616A, B9MY8A616B, C1AA8A616B, C4AZ8A616C, C4SZ8A616B, C5AZ8A616A, C5GY8A616A, C6AZ8A616A, C6MY8A616A, C6OZ8A616A, C6OZ8A616B, C6OZ8A616E, C6VY8A616A, C6VY8A616B, C7AZ8A616B, C7OZ8A616B, C7SZ8A616A, C8DZ8A616B, C8SZ8A616A, C9AZ8A616A, C9AZ8A616C, D2OZ8A616A, D5DZ8A616A, D5DZ8A616B, D5DZ8A616C, D5DZ8A616D, D5ZZ8A616A, D6DZ8A616A, E0MY8A616A, E0WY8A616A, E1AZ8A616A, E35Y8A616A, E3TZ8A616J, E45Y8A616B, E4SZ8A616A, E5AZ8A616A, E5AZ8A616B, E6AZ8A616A, E6AZ8A616B, E7TZ8A616A, E7TZ8A616G, EOMY8A616A, EOWY8A616A

Warranty Information:
12 Months / 12,000 Miles
Warranty Details