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Image is of a typical part(s); part appearance varies by application. Rotors & Drums are sold individually
StopTech Sport Slotted

StopTech Sport Rotors are premium quality replacement brake rotors that feature a signature "short slot" design. The slot improves brake system performance by wiping away the debris of used friction material that otherwise accumulates between the rotor and pad. This keeps fresh pad material exposed to the rotor surface and helps prevent pad glazing. The edges sweeping the pad slightly increase the effective coefficient of friction or "bite," amplifying brake system response to pedal input. By providing an escape path for water, slotted rotors can also improve initial brake response under wet conditions.


  • Power Alloy: Improves crack resistance and reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).
  • 100% fully machined finishes including rotor hats: Provides better rotor balance and creates a cleaner, more finished looking component.
  • Symmetric Vane Casting: Provides proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency, resulting in superior braking power and safety.
  • Directional Vane Design: Provides increased resistance to brake fade and faster thermal recovery to temperature spikes generated by aggressive or repeat stops.
  • Mill Balancing: Reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration and provides a smooth confident application of braking force.

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CENTRIC Warranty Information:
90 days/3,000 miles