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DENSO 9500111 Specifications
Fuel Pump TypeElectrical
Pump PlacementIn Tank
Strainer Fitting Diameter0.40 In.
Strainer Length153.0 mm
Strainer Width63.00 MM
Includes Strainer
DENSO is both an OEM and aftermarket supplier of fuel pumps and fuel pump modules. DENSO fuel pumps are designed to provide advantages in three key areas versus the competition.

DENSO's proprietary turbine pump technology delivers the highest sustained fuel pressures in the industry, and this is why their pumps are chosen as standard equipment by the world's most demanding OEMs, especially for their premium vehicles.

DENSO's open-vane impeller is more efficient than competitor's closed-vane impellers. Their ultra-efficient design yields low amperage requirements to ensure optimum flow rates are maintained over time.

Silent Operation
DENSO carefully balances every unit to guarantee the quietest operation possible. The armature in a DENSO fuel pump is precision balanced at 3,000 rpm, and then spun again at 8,000 rpm to minimize noise and vibration. Many competitors do not balance their armature at all.

Key Features:

  • Turbine Technology Delivers fuel with minimal pressure pulsation for quieter operation.
  • Armature Ultra-high balanced to minimize noise and vibration.
  • Brushes Designed for durability, efficiency, and low-resistance operation.
  • Choke Coils Minimize radio interference.
  • Relief Valve Protects the fuel delivery system.
  • Check Valve Maintains consistent system pressure for superior hot fuel handling characteristics.

Prevent Premature Fuel Pump Failure

Preventing premature fuel pump failure is far less expensive and time consuming than continuing to replace the pump. There are three common causes for premature fuel pump failure:

Poor electrical connections will mimic symptoms of a failed pump, sometimes resulting in unnecessary replacement. Before replacing the pump:
  • Use a Fuel System Tester to test pump pressure is within expected range
  • Use an Electrical Tester to test for bad wiring, burnt or corroded connectors
  • Check / Replace faulty Fuse(s) and Relay


Dirt, rust or debris in the fuel can clog strainers and stick to internal pump components. When replacing the pump:
  • Replace Fuel Filter or Fuel Strainer
  • Empty and clean the tank with Fuel Tank Cleaner
  • Fill tank with fresh, uncontaminated fuel of appropriate grade


Running low on gas causes your fuel to heat up quicker, and your pump to work harder. After replacing the pump:
  • Maintain at least 1/4 tank of fuel and use a Fuel Additive / Conditioner to keep pump cool and lubricated
  • If vehicle is stored without use, drain tank to prevent pump corrosion from fuel oxidation


Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 17040S01A31, 17040S01A40, 17040S02L01, 17040S04G31, 17040S04G41, 17040S04L01, 17040SR1A31, 17040SR3A31, 17040ST7L31, 17040SX0A32, 5862022350, 950-0111

Warranty Information:
12 Months