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GATES 22690K Specifications
ContentsBelt, 2 Hoses, 4 Clamps, Zip Tie
Includes Dust ShieldNo
Includes Water PumpNo
Includes Zip TieYes
Number of Alt Decoupler Pulleys0
Number of Belts1
Number of Bolts0
Number of Clamps4
Number of Components8
Number of Hoses2
Number of Idlers0
Number of Oil Seals0
Number of Tensioners0
Enhancement Kit

Kit Designed to Correct OEM Situation Where Upper Radiator Hose Must be Removed to Replace the Serpentine Accessory Drive Belt.

Ford F series Truck Solution Kit OE upper radiator hose is routed through accessory drive belt system. To replace belt, cooling system must be drained and upper hose removed, adding additional cost and labor.

Kit designed to route upper hose around accessory drive system, allowing belt to be replaced without draining cooling system and removing radiator hoses reducing labor by up to 50% on future belt replacement.

Service Tip: Always replace belts and tensioners together. Old tensioners will reduce a belt's lifespan, and can lead to issues such as overheating, a dead battery, diminished power steering, or poor air conditioning performance.

Tensioner Failure Causes, Signs, and Symptoms

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GATES Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime
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