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Thermal Fan Clutches operate in response to underhood temperatures. When the engine is cold, the fan is disconnected; when too much heat is generated, the fan is allowed to cool the engine. A bi-metal thermostatic coil mounted at the front of the clutch senses the underhood temperature and operates the clutch accordingly.


  • Varies the fan speed with temperature of the air behind the radiator.
  • Engaged (high speed) operation provides maximum cooling.
  • Disengaged (low speed) operation provides fuel savings and noise reduction.
  • Greater life expectancy than a non-thermal clutch.
  • Briefly engaged at cold start-up.
  • Engages at about 170° radiator air temperature, (about 30° lower than coolant temperature).
How Thermal Fan Clutches Work

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A: Look at Your Pulley to Find out!
Reverse Rotation Pumps have a Smooth Pulley, which runs on the back side of the belt. Standard Rotation Pumps have a Grooved Pulley, which runs on the inside of the drive belt.
Installation Instructions
Standard Duty vs Heavy Duty vs Severe Duty
ColorRaw Aluminum in Color
Mounting Hole Quantity4
Distance From Clutch To Mounting Flange1.528
Distance From Clutch To Mounting Flange1.53
Clutch Maximum Diameter5.99
Mounting TypeFlange
Pilot Diameter (in)0.625
Pilot Diameter (in)0.63
Pilot Depth (in)1.03
Overall Diameter (mm)152.1
Mount Diameter (in)2.59375
Mount Diameter (in)2.6
Fan Mount Diameter (In)2.62
Fan Mount Diameter (In)2.621
Pilot Depth (mm)26.2
Overall Height (in)3.11
Overall Height (in)3.111
Fan Bolt Circle (in)3.25
Fan Mount Height (mm)38.8
Bolt Quantity4
Bolt Thread5/16 in - 18
Bolt Thread5/16-18 Hole
Mount Diameter (mm)66
Fan Mount Diameter (mm)66.6
Overall Height (MM)79
Overall Height (MM)79.020
Fan Bolt Circle (mm)82.55
Fan Bolt Circle (mm)82.6
Drawing TypeB
Clutch TypeB - Non-Thermal & Std Thermal
DescriptionFan Clutches
New or RemanNew
Electronic Clutch?Non Electronic
Mounting Hardware?Not Included
Duty RatingStandard
O.E. Replacement?Yes
Performance Rated?Yes
Meets / Exceeds OEM?Yes

Warranty Information:
12 Months / 12,000 Miles
Warranty Details