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Patented valving plus pressurized nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce the aeration or foaming that commonly occur in shock absorber and cause its performance to start fading.
  • Restores OE performance
  • One way anti-foaming valve reduces foaming and performance fade
  • Three stage dual valving
  • Teflon coated piston valve
  • Seamless inner cylinder and eye ring, no leaks
  • Bonded bushings and sleeves
  • Hard chromed piston rod
Shock Absorber DesignSuspension Strut
Shock Absorber SystemTwin-Tube
Shock Absorber TypeGas Pressure
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 4330362C10, 5430235Y10, 543024H200, 543024H225, 5430250C00, 5430250C10, 5430250C25, 5430250C26, 5430250C28, 5430252C00, 5430252C02, 5430252C03, 5430252C10, 5430252C12, 5430252C13, 5430252C25, 5430252C26, 5430252C27, 5430252C28, 5430252C29, 5430252C85, 5430254Y00, 5430254Y02, 5430254Y10, 5430254Y12, 5430254Y25, 5430254Y26, 5430254Y27, 5430254Y28, 5430254Y29, 5430254Y85, 5430257C00, 5430257C02, 5430257C10, 5430257C12, 5430257C25, 5430257C26, 5430257C27, 5430257C28, 5430258Y00, 5430258Y02, 5430258Y10, 5430258Y12, 5430258Y25, 5430258Y26, 5430258Y28, 5430258Y29, 5430258Y85, 5430260R00, 5430260R25, 5430262C00, 5430262C02, 5430262C10, 5430262C12, 5430262C13, 5430262C25, 5430262C26, 5430262C28, 5430262C29, 5430262C85, 5430269C27, 5430269R00, 5430269R25, 5430272Y00, 5430272Y25, 5430286R00, 5430286R10, 5430286R25, 5430286R26, 5430290R00, 5430290R25, 5430335Y10, 5430350C28, 5430352C27, 5430352C28, 5430362C28, 5430386R00, 5430386R10, 5430386R25, 5430386R26

KYB EUROPE Warranty Information:
Limited lifetime on shocks and struts. 12 months for Strut-Plus, strut mounts, boots and steering stabilizers.
Warranty Details