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Since day one, REMANUFACTURING, the renewal of worn parts back to new or better performance, has been the core of our business — and A1 CARDONE products are the highest quality remanufactured parts in the automotive aftermarket.

That’s because they don’t just replace broken components — they completely disassemble every worn part, also known as a “core”, and thoroughly clean and inspect every component. Through reverse engineering, their engineers pinpoint original equipment design weaknesses through examining common wear areas. They incorporate fixes into their renewal process as needed to produce reliable products you can count on.

Features & Benefits:
  • All electronic module components are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality.
  • Automated test equipment verifies signal strength, correct polarity of wire harness, air gap, crank reluctor tooth size, as well as ignition coil and pickup performance
  • CARDONE uses the right gear hardness for the appropriate application. If the gear is too hard, it will damage the cam; if it's too soft, the gear itself will be damaged, potentially causing severe engine damage – possibly even engine failure.
  • O.E. components with consistently high failure rates are 100% replaced or repaired to meet or exceed O.E. performance.
  • Precise machining tolerances prevent oil leakage, poor timing, setting of the "Check Engine" light, and premature failure.
Installation Instructions
Product ConditionRemanufactured
Distributor Cap IncludedNo
Ignition Rotor IncludedNo
Distributor TypeMagnetic Coil
Electronic Module SuppliedYes
Coil Wire IncludedNo
Integrated Ignition CoilNo
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1103453

CARDONE Warranty Information:
1 Year / 18,000 Miles : ABS Hydraulic Units, Pumps/Motors, Disc Brake Caliper Pads, Electronic Braking Units, Power Brake Units, Diesel Injection Pumps, Engine Oil Coolers, High Pressure Oil Pumps, Injection Pressure Regulating Valves, Superchargers, CV Half Shafts, Drive Shafts, Headlamp Motors, Wiper Motors, Window Lift Motors, Transfer Case Motors, Cruise Control Modules, Distributors/Crank Angle Sensors, MAF Sensors, Body Control Modules, Cruise Control Servo/Transducer Modules, Electronic Control Modules, Injector Driver Modules, Lighting Control Modules, Powertrain Control Modules, Relay Control Modules, Suspension Control Modules, Totally Integrated Power Modules, Transfer Case Control Modules, Transmission Control Modules, Smog Pumps, Vacuum Pumps

18 Months / Unlimited Miles : Hybrid Drive Batteries

2 Years / 24,000 Miles : Caliper Brackets, Disc Brake Calipers

3 Year / 36,000 Miles : Master Cylinder Bench Bleeders, Master Cylinders, Turbochargers/Kits/Mounts/Exhaust Adapters, Water Pumps, Steering/Suspension Control Valves and Power Cylinders, Power Steering Pumps, Rack & Pinion Units/Bushing Kits/Hydraulic Transfer Tubing, Steering Gears, Pitman Arms

10 Year / 100,000 Miles : Ultra Premium Calipers

Limited Lifetime : Performance Brake Upgrade Kits, DEF Pumps/Heater Pots; Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR Valves, EGR Coolers, ABS Modules, Accelerator Pedal Sensors, Climate Control Modules, Fuel Pump Driver Modules, Drive Motor Battery Pack Cooling Fans, Drive Motor Inverters, Glow Plug Controllers, HID Ballasts, Hybrid Safety Plugs, Instrument Clusters, Air Suspension Products, Magna-Pure Power Steering, Rack & Pinion Inner Tie Rod End Repair Kits
Warranty Details