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ACDELCO 14PB4221 Specifications
Booster TypeVacuum
Brake Pedal Rod Extension IncludedYes
Diaphragm TypeDual
Housing MaterialSteel
Master Cylinder IncludedNo
Mounting Bracket IncludedNo
Mounting Hardware IncludedNo
New Or RemanufacturedRemanufactured
Gold / Professional; Reman.; Does Not Include Master Cylinder

The ACDelco Professional Remanufactured Power Brake Booster is a quality remanufactured part that connects the brake pedal apply system to the master cylinder. Each power brake booster unit contains new seals and O-rings and is the ideal high quality aftermarket replacement for many vehicles on the road today. Pre-adjusted master cylinder output rods are included (where applicable).

Remanufacturing power brake boosters is an automotive industry practice that involves disassembly of existing units, and replacing components that are most prone to wear and failure with new components. Damaged and obsolete parts are replaced and are end of line tested to ensure they perform to ACDelco specifications. In addition, remanufacturing returns components back into service rather than processing as scrap or simply disposing of them. ACDelco Professional Remanufactured Power Brake Boosters are also coated to help prevent rust and extend the life of the part. This power brake booster will provide the same performance, durability, and service life you expect from ACDelco.

Symptoms of a Failing Power Brake Booster:

  • Hard brake pedal that is extremely hard to push
  • Longer stopping distance
  • Engine stalls when brakes are applied

Prior to replacing your Power Brake Booster:

  • Ensure the Vaccum Hose is properly connected and not loose
  • Check the Vaccum Hose for a blockage or leak
  • Inspect the Check Valve for cracks, looseness or damage

Testing your Power Brake Booster:

  • With the engine off, pump the brakes 5-6 times
  • Turn the engine on while pushing down lightly on the brake pedal
  • If your brake booster is working, the pedal will sink down about
  • If your brake booster is not working, nothing will happen or the brake pedal will push back against your foot

Warranty Information:
24 Month / Unlimited Mile Warranty
Warranty Details