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Carter Fuel Pump & Housing Assemblies decrease cost and labor time by ensuring a seamless repair from start to finish! Every Carter assembly includes features that bring exclusive benefits to each application. These may include:
  • OE Matched Electrical Connections - Make installation simple
  • Metal Clamps - Prevent blowoffs on the fuel supply hose
  • Silver Alloy Buttons - Increase the life of the sender assembly
  • over-Molded Armature - Reduces fuel flow turbulence
  • Carbon Commutator - Eliminates oxidation and high electrical erosion
  • Rubber Feet - Reduce noise and vibration during operation
  • Float Arm - Pre-mounted and calibrated to ensure proper fuel read
  • CleanScreen™ Technology - Internal and external filtration provides 40% more dirt-holding capacity

Fuel Pump Replacement: Do it right the first time!

Prior to Replacing Pump, check:

  • Fuel Pump Fuse(s)
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • Voltage at the Pump - test for bad wiring
  • Voltage drop test - corroded connector, bad wiring
  • Fuel System Pressure - test for pump pressure being outside accepted range

When Replacing Pump, also:

  • Replace the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Fuel Strainer
  • Clean / Flush Tank
  • Refill with fresh, uncontaminated fuel

Not All Fuel Pumps Are Created Equal!
Tom's Story Learn the difference between the high quality fuel pumps that RockAuto carries, versus the remarkably cheap, low quality fuel pumps offered by some competitors in the marketplace.

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Installation Information
Fuel System Diagnostic Check-List

CARTER Warranty Information:
12 months: Carter Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Carter Fuel System Accessories. Limited Lifetime: Carter Electric Fuel Pumps and Assemblies.
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