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{Alternate Inventory Numbers: ECC1084, 8966135191}
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BSE markets and sells their products under both BSE and Blue Streak Electronics. The product inside the box is the same, no matter what brand name appears on the box.
Remanufactured; Plug & Play - No Programming Required

Each Blue Streak Electronics Engine Control Module (ECM) is a direct-fit OE replacement that ensures ease of installation. As a global manufacturer of automotive aftermarket products, Blue Streak Electronics maintains complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Features & Benefits:
  • 100% Computerized Testing for all modules and Sensors using advanced test equipment.
  • Latest OEM calibrations installed in all programmable modules.
  • Common component failures are 100% replaced.
  • Complete board reflow to ensure reliable performance.
  • Upgraded components used to improve circuit reliability and performance.
Don't Misdiagnose Your ECM!

Misdiagnosing an ECM is expensive and time consuming. Before assuming the ECM is at fault, follow these diagnostic steps:

A weak or dead battery is the leading cause of improper ECM function. If the ECM is not receiving enough power (9-12 volts):
  • Use a Battery Tester to test Battery voltage output (12.6 volts, with the engine off)
  • Check wiring / function of Sensors, Ignition Switch and Fuses
SOLUTION: Replace Faulty Input
Voltage overload and moisture / corrosion are leading causes of ECM failure. Visually inspect the ECM for:
  • Burnt / Melted plastic - often caused by voltage overload from a shorted Solenoid
  • Moisture / Corrosion - often due to a faulty Seal, Wiring Harness or extended exposure to the elements
SOLUTION: Replace ECM and fix source of failure

Locate Your OE Number

Some vehicles may have several ECM replacement options, while others may just have one. Do not assume that any option listed for your vehicle will fit! The most accurate way to order the correct replacement ECM is to verify the OE number provided in the part listing or at the bottom of this page matches the OE number printed on the original unit. If the original ECM no longer has the label, the dealership can look up the OE number using your VIN.

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OEM / Interchange Numbers: 8966135192

BSE Warranty Information:
1 Year (Unlimited Miles)