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CLOYES C723F Specifications
Chain Pitch6.35 mm
Chain Row Quantity1.0
Chain TypeInverted tooth
Link Quantity162.0
Overall Length19 7/8"
Timing Mark Quantity3.0
Cloyes Timing Chains, which are available in kits or as a stand-alone product, are pre-stressed and heat-treated for increased durability. Keep your engine’s valvetrain in perfect time with Cloyes, the world leader in timing drive systems.

Features & Benefits:
  • A timing chain synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft(s), ensuring proper timing of the engine’s valve events for each cylinder.
  • Cloyes' chains are engineered and manufactured with precision pitch control for proper chain-to-sprocket tooth fitment.
  • From stock replacement to high performance, Cloyes has the most complete timing chain catalog.
  • Cloyes parts are CAD designed and manufactured using premium materials. Each part is extensively tested and measured for function, fitment, and durability to ensure optimal performance.
  • Cloyes recommends the chain tensioner(s), sprocket(s), and guide(s) also be replaced when the chain is replaced as these components play a vital role in system stability and accurate timing.
OEM / Interchange Numbers: 130281KC0A, 130281KC1A, 13028CK80A, 13028ET000

Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime
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