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Thermal vs Non-Thermal Fan Clutches:

Thermal Fan Clutches have a thermostatic valve which allows hydraulic fluid to bypass the clutch plate when necessary. As the engine temperature varies, the valve will open or close as needed to maintain proper speed of the fan. Because the clutch engages or disengages when needed, it maximizes fuel efficiency, brings the engine to optimum temperature faster, and typically lasts longer than a non-thermal clutch.

Non-Thermal Fan Clutches do not have the thermostatic valve. Instead, the clutch is linked to the water pump's shaft and is always engaged. Non-thermal clutches typically cost less than thermal clutches, so they tend to be a cost-savings alternative for standard duty thermal clutches. However, given they're always engaged, they are not as fuel efficient, cannot bring the engine to optimum temperature as quickly, and tend to have a shorter life expectancy. If your vehicle was originally equipped with a Heavy Duty Clutch you cannot use a Non-Thermal Clutch as a replacement.

Manufacturers recommend inspecting your Water Pump and replacing it (if needed) at the same time you replace your Radiator Fan Clutch. The parts are connected by the same shaft, and a loose or damaged Radiator Fan Clutch can also cause the Water Pump to fail.

Q: Which Rotation Water Pump Do You Have: Standard or Reverse?
A: Look at Your Pulley to Find out!
Reverse Rotation Pumps have a Smooth Pulley, which runs on the back side of the belt. Standard Rotation Pumps have a Grooved Pulley, which runs on the inside of the drive belt.
Meets or Exceeds OEM SpecificationsYes
MaterialCast Aluminum
Mounting TypeBolt On
Mounting Hole Quantity4
New Or RemanufacturedNew
Thermal Or CentrifugalThermal
Use TypeRegular
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 19189678, 89000170

Warranty Information:
24 Month / Unlimited Mile Limited Warranty on parts sold on or after 04/01/18; 12 Months on parts sold before 04/01/18.
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