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Diam. (in):13.000; Bore Size (in):11.500; Pilot (in):1.703; Splines:30; Pads:3; Stall:1300-1500; Reman

ALLIANCE provides quality torque converters to help complete all foreign and domestic transmission projects. A family owned company, ALLIANCE manufactures and rebuilds all of their torque converters in the United States of America. Alliance takes pride in their no short cut remanufacturing process. The process entails:

  • Internal parts separated and washed at 150 degrees
  • Threads inspected and replaced with new parts
  • Pilot is inspected and reworked if necessary
  • Converter lid & clutch re-turned to spec
  • Inspection of hub, polish if necessary
  • New hub is computer welded
  • Re-turning of bearing surface
  • Stator is re-built
  • New clutch is bonded at 450 degrees
  • New bearings and seals are installed
  • Inspection of overall height is performed before body welding
  • Unit is body welded holding original spec clearance
  • Unit is leak tested at 120 psi (operating psi is only 40-60 psi)
  • Inspection of run out, Alliance holds .010 (industry standard is .015)
  • Unit is fluid balanced to check within 5 grams or less
  • 2nd polishing of hub prior to paint
  • Inspection of pump splines with shaft if necessary
  • Welding of balance weight if necessary
  • Grease hub for rust protection
  • Unit is repainted with high quality Sherman Williams paint

ALLIANCE Warranty Information:
3 years
Warranty Details