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GM Original Equipment; Remanufactured
ACDelco Remanufactured Alternators are available for most vehicles on the road today and are 100 percent tested after remanufacture:

  • Rectifier failure is one of the primary causes of alternator failures, most often caused by diode malfunction
  • ACDelco rectifiers are 100 % electronically tested and replaced when needed
  • Bearings are always replaced with new
  • Bearings are critical to alternator durability due to extreme lateral loads applied by the drive belt, in addition to excessive heat and vibration
  • ACDelco alternators use only quality bearings with high temperature lubrication and double-lipped rubber seals
Rotors and Stators:
  • The heart of the alternator and its current-generating components, rotors and stators maybe subjected to excessive heat, which can deteriorate insulation and cause shorts
  • ACDelco rotors and stators are electronically tested for proper performance, then sealed with a flexible secondary insulating coating
Slip Rings:
  • Slip rings must be in constant contact with the brushes, or uneven wear leading to failure can occur
  • ACDelco slip rings are precision polished to help maximize electrical contact and consistent output
  • Brushes are always replaced with new
  • Worn brushes interrupt electrical contact, shortening the life of alternators
  • ACDelco brushes are 100 % and durability tested for performance and reliability

Performance and reliability testing includes; sound room tests, vibration tests and exposure to hot and cold rooms
Not Sure Your Alternator Is The Problem? Read These Electrical Troubleshooting Tips
Pulley Outside Diameter2.2 IN
Pulley Outside Diameter57 mm
Voltage12 2H
DE to Pulley 1st Groove0.86 in
DE to Pulley 1st Groove22.0 MM
Inside Distance Between Mounting Feet2.00 in
Inside Distance Between Mounting Feet51.0 mm
Plug Clock Rear View Main Mounting Ear at 6 O Clock3
Terminal Connection Quantity4
Alternator Case MaterialAluminum
Fan TypeInternal
Ground TypeNegative
Rotation DirectionClockwise
AC TapNo
External Fan IncludedNot Applicable
One Wire CapableNo
Pulley IncludedYes
External Regulator IncludedNo
FamilyDelco AD244
Pulley Groove Quantity6
Pulley Belt TypeSerpentine
Regulator TypeInternal
Amperage Rating145 68
Mounting Type1 Pivot Foot
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 19151921, 19244751, 20989650, 22781130, 3211845

Warranty Information:
24 Month / Unlimited Mile Limited Warranty on parts sold on or after 04/01/18; 12 Months on parts sold before 04/01/18.
Warranty Details