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REMY 20395  
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REMY 20395 Specifications
Amperage105 Amps
Fan TypeExternal
New Or RemanufacturedRemanufactured
One Wire CapableNo
Plug Clock Position10:00
Pulley Belt TypeSerpentine
Pulley Groove Quantity6
Pulley IncludedYes
Regulator TypeInternal
Rotation DirectionClockwise
Voltage12.0 Volts
Premium Remanufactured
Lean, Green, High Quality Machines

Professionals around the world have confidence in Remy remanufactured rotating electrics. Their remanufactured light duty alternators perform as well - or better - than original equipment components. Every part is factory verified to deliver the power, reliability and durability you demand. Featuring Remy's patented winding technology, Remy's alternators boast the lowest mass in the industry. By using patented technology, Remy has decreased the footprint, refined the design and improved efficiency. And, since weight drives fuel economy, these alternators are fuel-efficient as well.

Features & Benefits:
  • Innovative design improvements - increased performance and reduced warranty issues
  • Superior components - engineered for the extreme demands of today's vehicles
  • Environmentally efficient - remanufacturing saves time, money, and natural resources while still offering the best product on the road
  • Industry leader in testing - every unit is verified with intensive computerized load and power testing
  • Remanufactured, not rebuilt - more new components and full satisfaction.

Testing a Faulty Alternator

Troubleshooting an Alternator
How Much Amperage Do I Need?

The Amp Rating of your replacement alternator should provide at least as much amperage as your vehicle's factory electronics demand, plus any additional amperage needed to power electrical accessories added to the vehicle. There are several ways to determine your OE Amp Rating:

  • OE Part - Check the Amp Rating stamped on the OE alternator (or if you see an OE Part Number, look it up on, or

  • Fuse Box Diagram - Add together the Amps listed on all the vehicle's Fuse Box Diagrams (under the hood and/or under the dash), or

  • MultiMeter - Use a MultiMeter to individually measure the amp draw of major factory and aftermarket electronics with the engine off and then total those numbers. The replacement alternator should have an amp output at least 50% greater than that total, or

  • Window Sticker - If it is still available, check the vehicle's factory window sticker to see if an optional higher output alternator was installed
Tip: Alternators work best when operating between 30%-50% capacity. Upgrading to an alternator with higher Amp output than required may improve fuel economy and extend the life of your battery and replacement alternator.
Not Sure Your Alternator is the Problem?

When the battery goes dead, the condition of the battery and the alternator are two of the first things to check. However, do not assume that if the battery is good then the alternator must be bad and the cause of the problem.

Read These Electrical Troubleshooting Tips First!

Attention California Customers - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 10463002, 10463045, 10463104, 10463148, 10463149, 10463158, 10463172, 10463181, 10463212, 10479906, 10479912, 1101599, 1101600, 1101645, 1101646, 1101647, 1105711, 1105715, 7861116G

REMY Warranty Information:
(Ordered After 10/1/2020) Remanufactured Units: 1-year / Unlimited Mileage; New Units: 2-years / Unlimited Mileage
(Ordered Before 10/1/2020) Limited Lifetime
Warranty Details