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The evaporator is designed to remove heat from the interior of the vehicle. This process begins when the blower motor forces air through the evaporator fins. The refrigerant inside the evaporator then removes heat from the interior of the cabin.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to meet/exceed OE fit, form and function
  • Durability tested on every new design
  • 100% leak tested
  • Coated with a corrosion resistant material
  • Cores made from aluminum

Note: Older vehicles may have a copper brass constructed evaporator. The aluminum construction will work seamlessly in its place.


Evaporators: Common Reasons for Failure

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OEM / Interchange Numbers: 3556607, 3847612, 3848195, 3848840, 4192284, 4339423, 4462675, 4462678, 4462679, 4848840, 4882976, 4882990

Warranty Information:
12 Months