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over the years, Nissens has invested significant resources in research on and development of engine cooling and climate system components for the automotive segment. More than 95 years of thermal know-how and manufacturing experience has made Nissens a market leading manufacturer of most essential thermal system components. When developing radiators, Nissens strongly emphasizes high cooling capacity and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced plastic tanks enriched with fiberglass (PA66-GF30) and produced with no recycled plastics.
  • Cores equipped with double-folded fins, reinforcing the fin against mechanical damages as well as increasing the total heat exchange surface.
  • Sturdy, durable and highly performing core construction produced with advanced aluminium brazing technology controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB).
  • Perfect finish in every detail such as water tanks, connections, threads, bolts, gaskets, mounting brackets, etc. This enables a trouble-free, quick and time-saving installation.
  • Depending on vehicle model, everything that is needed for a proper installation is included in the product box
  • Light-weight and efficient construction of aluminum cores and plastic tanks, universally applied for passenger and commercial vehicle radiators.
  • Aluminum-plastic construction with 5 mm spaces between the tubes, increasing the cooling performance, compared to the traditional 10 mm radiators.
  • Advanced radiator construction based on brazed components solely made of aluminum, without gaskets and plastic parts.
  • Nissens radiators are submitted to corrosion, vibration, pressure impulse, thermal expansion and thermal performance tests.
Height1 2/8"
Length31 1/8"
MaterialPlastic Aluminum
Width10 1/8"
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 5012883AA, 5012884AA, 5191929AA, 52004786, 52004916, 52004917, 52004920, 52004921, 52006338, 52006339, 52006340, 52006341, 52009788, 52028131, 52028132, 52028133, 52028134, 52029045, 52029046AB, 52029047, 52029118, 52079628AC, 52079682AA, 52079682AB, 52079682AC, 52079682AE, 52079682AF, 52079693AB, 52079693AC, 52079693AD, 52079693AE, 52080104, 52080104AA, 52080104AB, 52080104AC, 52080115AC, 53000521, 8953000001, 8953000002, 8953000003, 8953000005, 8953000006, K5012883AA, K5012884AA, K5191929AA, K52004786, K52004916, K52004917, K52004920, K52004921, K52006338, K52006339, K52006340, K52006341, K52009788, K52028131, K52028132, K52028133, K52028134, K52029045, K52029046AB, K52029046AC, K52029047, K52029047AB, K52029047AC, K52029118, K52029118AB, K52029118AC, K52030000, K52079682AE, K52079682AF, K52079693AD, K52079693AE, K52080104, K52080104AC, K52080115AB, K52080115AC, K53000521

Warranty Information:
12 Months