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Premium OE Micro-V Belt

Designed using advanced manufacturing technology and premium EPDM construction to provide customers with superior ABDS (Accessory Belt Drive System) and new vehicle type performance.

  • Lasts 50%-60% longer than value line belts.
  • Precise dimension control of rib profile transmits load efficiently throughout the ABDS allowing components to operate at optimum levels.
  • Able to operate and accept misalignment in the ABDS system better than other serpentine belts.
  • Flexible construction allows the belt to withstand billions of topside and backside bends resulting in long belt life.

Understanding Belt & Tensioner Failure Modes:

MaterialEPDM, Polyester Cord
OE Comparison RatingOE Performance
Cross Section TypeK
Number of Ribs4
Top Width (in).56
Top Width (mm)14
Outside Circumference (in)32.75
Outside Circumference (mm)831
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 009500M200, 1172005201, 1172052Q00, 1172053Y20TT, 1172053Y20UU, 1172053Y20UW, 1172071J00, 11720D4007, 11720D4017, 11720Q5201, 11720Q5201TT, 11720Q5201UU, 11720Q5201UW, 11720Q5600, 11720V5301, 1192001B00, 1192001B10, 119500M200U5, 1469870010, 1752086500, 1752151A00, 1752160A00, 1752186500, 1752186510, 1752186520, 203471, 203950, 25040320, 2570814, 30002603, 30005514, 3002603, 320K4, 4040320, 48350, 4918156B10, 4K320, 4PK0812, 4PK0815, 4PK812, 4PK815, 52186510, 56992P02003, 56992P020030, 56992P020032, 56992P020040, 56992P76003, 56992PO2003, 56992PO20030, 56992PO2004, 56992PO20040, 6453E5, 660230, 8845887711, 8970645560, 9001602135, 9001602136, 9008091043, 9081602136, 9091602135, 9091602136, 9091602212, 9091602320, 9091602332, 909160233283, 9091602341, 912062, 9184008100, 943821071, 95661735, 96011188, 96012051, 96117374, 977131E000, 9936400810, 9936400815, 9936420820, 9936450810, 9936450815, ADU7785, F80115381, F80115381A, F88518381, F8B518381, FE0118381, K3204, VK040320, YL11720D4007

Closeout Inventory Warranty Information:
Wholesaler Closeout items have a 30 day warranty (but still are covered by our Return Policy).

GATES Regular Inventory Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime
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