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GATES K050370 Specifications
Belt MaterialEPDM
Cord MaterialPolyester
Cross Section DesignationK
Effective Length37.13"
Outside Circumference37.625"
Rib Quantity5
Top Width.667"
TypeAutomotive V-Ribbed Belt (Standard)
  • Special belt constructions eliminate belt noise, reduce tension loss, and solve problem drive applications
  • Utilizes advanced materials like crack and heat resistant EPDM
  • Unique form grinding of each individual belt assures precise dimensional control
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1459, SAE J2432, and SAE J1596 specifications
  • Designed for small diameter pulleys, backside idlers, and for use with (or without) automatic tensioners
Service Tip: Always replace belts and tensioners together. Old tensioners will reduce a belt's lifespan, and can lead to issues such as overheating, a dead battery, diminished power steering, or poor air conditioning performance.
Which Belt Is Right For You?

Type Durability Quiet Operation Performance
Standard Replacement
★★ ★★★ ★★
Heavy Duty
★★★ ★★ ★★★
High Performance
★★ ★★★ ★★★

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Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 07L903137C, 115881010302B, 12578062, 1300342080, 1340637, 1340A005, 1340A104, 25050370, 2570936, 31110P12A01, 31110P12A02, 31110PD6004, 31110PD60040, 31110PY30030, 31110PY3A010, 31110PY3A010M1, 4050370, 46403854, 46448693, 46462944, 46542138, 46738444, 55192799, 5K370, 60554148, 60809160, 6340656, 6703, 71739905, 7749145, 7761147, 90573797, 9091602147, 9117589, 9117590, 93182264, 9368770, 9936500940, 9936500950, 9936550736, 9936550940, F807115908A, F80715908, F80715908A, K3705, MD192809, MD337407, MD349465, MD367429, MD368859, MD376691, MN195134, MZ690258

GATES Warranty Information:
Limited Lifetime
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