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Standard® is the premier professional engine management brand in the automotive aftermarket today. Standard leads the way in advanced automotive technology with more than 40,000 products for complete vehicle coverage.

Features & Benefits:
  • Robust design and high grade materials meet the stringent demands of today's service professional
  • Copper alloy conductors ensure superior electrical conductivity with low resistive losses
  • Their parts are 100% tested to verify both mechanical and electrical switching performance.
  • Decades of research to meet all of your needs
  • As a global manufacturer of original equipment ignition products, they maintain complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product

Will a malfunctioning Air Bag Clock spring illuminate the check engine light or affect vehicle operation?

A defective or failing Air Bag Clock spring will not affect engine operation but will trigger the SRS light indicating a system fault and compromised vehicle safety

What Are Common Causes of Failure?

Typically Air Bag Clocksprings are replaced after the airbag has deployed due to an accident or for mechanical failure of the assembly body or ribbon.

How to determine if the Air Bag Clock spring is malfunctioning

Unusual noise when turning the steering wheel in either direction, intermittent electrical connections to the steering wheel mounted controls or the SRS light illuminated on the dash are all indicators that the Clock spring has malfunctioned. Testing should only be performed with an appropriate diagnostic tool to determine the cause of the problem.

Air Bag Clock spring Replacement Tips (Video)

Attachment MethodBolt On
FinishCast Iron
Mounting LocationFloor Mounted
Terminal GenderMale
Terminal Quantity3
Terminal TypeBlade
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 12338706, 1349787, 1480375, 1843865, 1859891, 1977043, 1987028, 1997028, 1997031, 1997035, 1997036, 1997037, 1997040, 1997042, 1997043, 3841892, 538446, 539288, 5457282, 5461816, 5487282, 578005, 931201, D803, D804, D807, D808, D809, J5461816, J5487282, J931201, SW259, SWC259, SWG259, SWG289

Warranty Information:
36 Months / 36,000 Miles
Warranty Details