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Centric rotors are designed to Original Equipment specifications for fit, form and function. These rotors feature an Electrocoating finish that provides long lasting corrosion protection.

Features & Benefits:
  • Double disc ground, taper free finish: Ensures parallelism, eliminates run out and provides near perfect disc thickness variation (DTV), provides quieter and smoother stops
  • 100% fully machined finishes including rotor hats: Provides better rotor balance and creates a cleaner, more finished looking component
  • Symmetric Vane Casting: Provides proper heat transfer and thermal efficiency, resulting in superior braking power and safety
  • Original Equipment Vane Structure: Ensures each Centric Premium rotor will function just like the original part
  • Mill Balancing: Reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration and provides a smooth confident application of braking force
  • Superior E-Coat Electro-Statically Applied Finish: Designed to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure without rusting

Install It Yourself!

In the world of vehicle maintenance, replacing your Brake Rotors is an easy job to tackle on your own. A Repair Manual (found in the "Literature" Category) will provide step-by-step instructions and pictures for your specific vehicle to ensure the job is done right.

To ensure optimum brake performance and safety, it is strongly recommended that you also replace your brake pads when installing new rotors.

Installation Tips:
  • Always work on one side of the vehicle at a time. For front brakes, turn the steering wheel to the side you are working on to increase access to the caliper bolts
  • Suspend the caliper from the suspension using a Caliper Hanger to prevent damage to the brake hose
  • Before installing the rotor, clean the hub face with a Wire Brush to remove rust buildup and apply Anti Seize Lubricant to prevent future buildup. Rust or debris on the hub can cause rotor runout and lead to wheel vibration
  • Apply Brake Lubricant to caliper pins, clips, the edges of the brake pad mounting tabs, and the back side of the brake pads to ensure noise free braking. DO NOT apply lube to the friction side of the brake pads
  • Use a Caliper Piston Compressor to retract the caliper piston(s) and make room for the new, thicker brake pads
  • Open the master cylinder reservoir during piston compression to prevent pressure buildup. Keep an eye on the brake fluid level to ensure it does not overflow
  • After the job is complete, pump the brake pedal several times to push the caliper piston back up against the pads to ensure proper brake function

Attention California Customers -

Attention California Customers - WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

CENTRIC Warranty Information:
90 days/3,000 miles