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Ruggedly engineered, these head gaskets feature an impressive collection of exclusive enhancements that ensure superior performance and longevity under the toughest condition and keep severe duty vehicles' engines sealed reliably.

PermaTorque SD gaskets get their strength and longevity from six key product features:
  • Armor Thickness – Thicker armor creates a more detonation-resistant combustion seal, increases radial strength, and maximizes loading (and sealing performance) around the combustion openings.
  • Armor Material – Use of high-grade Austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless steel increases radial strength, corrosion resistance and detonation resistance.
  • Body Core Thickness – Solid-steel-core gaskets have higher radial strength than perforated core gaskets. "Severe Duty" core material is 25% thicker than normal, further increasing radial strength.
  • Printoseal® Sealing Beads – These enhance fluid sealing in strategic areas without removing excessive load from the combustion seal. They also allow the use of thicker armor.
  • Specialized Coatings – These provide increased fluid sealing and anti-stick properties.
  • Hot Press Flattening – Helps embed the armor into the gasket facing material, reducing torque loss. Use of heat imbeds the armor more deeply and consistently, and allows use of thicker armor.
Cylinder Head Gasket Installation
Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1178VC

FEL-PRO Warranty Information:
12 months